Testimonials From Pherazone Customers...







“I'm a flight attendant for an executive private jet company It's company policy we can't flirt with the crew or our passengers and we get some gorgeous, single, successful men on our flights ... and I'm single."


I was told about human pheromones and I did some research and found this company to have the highest concentration of pheromones ... and it's called Pherazone . I gave it a try ... I was skeptical ....but I tried it ... You should see these guys on the flights ... I don't have to do anything. They are coming after me. It's pretty exciting. I don't have to do anything the Pherzone is doing all the good work!”


Rhonda, New York, NY



"One of my single girlfriends who has been on fire with dating told me about this product called Pherazone. I don't normally wear perfumes but I tried it and I can tell you it brought the animal attraction back to our marriage.


We are on a honeymoon again. Thanks Pherazone!"



Becky, Orange County, CA






"I'm a personal assistant and I have the hottest boss ever. I've tried everything I can to take it to the next level to get him to notice me. I've tried wearing sexy clothes, wearing different perfumes, and have asked my friends for advice but nothing has worked until once of my friends suggested Pherazone.


I put it on and the first day of work my boss could not keep his hands off of me! It was like nothing I would have ever imagined. It was so much more powerful than I ever expected and it smells so good."

Kimberly, Long Beach, CA




"I have been in the fragrance business for many years and I have smelled alot of mens colognes. The othery day my friend Sam comes in. I've known the guy for twenty years and he's totally not my type but I noticed something different about him this time.


I was attracted to him. I was turned on. It turned out he was wearing this new pheromone cologne called Pherazone. I have to tell you this is an incredible product. It's an aphrodisiac, and it smells amazing. It doesn't matter if your in a long-term relationship or your just out trying to pick up a date, I guarantee you it will work for you."


Catherine Bassette, European Fragrance Specialist



"I've never written about a pheromone product before but Pherazone is a very unusual product. I wanted to take time to try and explain the difference this perfume has made for me... as a perfume, as a spiritual tool, and as an aid to creating an inviting professional environment. As I said earlier, I knew I had found something very special. Pherazone has been such a blessing in my life.

Dorothy, Naples, FL



"After seeing that story on Dateline NBC about pheromones I ordered one of your bottles and have been totally satisfied. My boyfriend loves the smell and has given me the intimacy and attention I want. Thank you so much.”

Sarah, Seattle, WA