"I have been in the fragrance business for many years and I have smelled alot of mens colognes. The othery day my friend Sam comes in. I've known the guy for twenty years and he's totally not my type but I noticed something different about him this time.


I was attracted to him. I was turned on. It turned out he was wearing this new pheromone cologne called Pherazone. I have to tell you this is an incredible product. It's an aphrodisiac, and it smells amazing. It doesn't matter if your in a long-term relationship or your just out trying to pick up a date, I guarantee you it will work for you."


Catherine Bassette, European Fragrance Specialist







"I never thought I would order a pheromone product until my friend told me to try it.
The following day at my office, I was surrounded by many girls asking what cologne I was wearing and complimenting me on my amazing scent. It boosted my self confidence and I felt like a million bucks.


Best part - you need to put on so little and it lasts forever! Thanks for an amazing product, I’ll be back for more!”

Mark, Nantucket, MA




"The first day I had it on, I went into the office and she stopped me and literally we had a conversation that was like 20 minutes long. Prior to that she wouldn't talk to me for more than a minute. We actually ended up going out for lunch and since then it's been great. The only thing I can say is it's gotta be the cologne. “

Rick, New York, NY







"I'm a personal trainer here in Los Angeles. I have a ton of really hot clients but I can't ask a client out because you have that business relationship. The last couple weeks I had several of my clients hit on me. It's amazing."

Scott, Los Angeles, CA



"My wife bought this for my birthday and this is the best gift I ever got! I love all the attention from women at work. My wife can’t keep her hands off me and this product has improved our relationship beyond words. We definately don’t feel married for 20 years. This is a new beginning thanks to Pherazone! Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, you will be thanking me later.”

Cole, Aspen, CO




"This product rocks! I have never had so many dates in my life, no matter where I go I often have girls standing close and admiring the scent. I never thought it would be so easy to start up conversations. I'm still getting used to the new found popularity. Thanks for giving my confidence back!”

Bob, Palm Beach, FL


“I love Pherazone! I always had tough time approaching women, neverless, asking out on a date. I still can’t believe that a cologne would have such an amazing effect on women. I’m 55 and having the time of my life!
Thank you Pherazone!

Andrew, Las Vegas, NV